Betapol® Plus: The Next Generation OPO for Infant Milk Formula

Betapol® Plus: The Next Generation OPO for Infant Milk Formula

We are pleased to share more about Betapol® Plus, the latest product in our suite of next-generation premium quality Oleic-Palmitic-Oleic acid (OPO or SN-2 palmitate) lipids for use in infant formulas. Earning the Fi Europe 2019 Innovation Award for functional innovation, this new product is a vital milestone in our OPO innovation and the infant nutrition market.  

As a leader in nutrition innovation, we pioneered the development of OPO with the invention of Betapol® over thirty years ago. OPO is a uniquely structured lipid, naturally present in breast milk. Lipids are essential as they contribute to nearly half of a baby’s energy intake.

Betapol® and Betapol® Plus are viable alternatives to the lipid benefits of mother’s milk fat in infant formulas providing formula-fed infants with many exceptional advantages, including improved energy intake, increased bone mineral density, reduced constipation, healthy gut bacteria, less crying and better sleep.

Until now, no supplier was able to provide an OPO or SN-2 palmitate level surpassing 40-45%.  

The OPO or SN-2 palmitate level of mother’s milk fat ranges from 60% to 75%. Achieving the highest standard of nutrition for formula-fed babies, Betapol® Plus offers 60%, and Betapol® Plus concentrate brings an OPO or SN-2 palmitate level of 70%.

The first infant formula containing Betapol® Plus will enter the market beginning of 2020. We anticipate demand for proven alternatives as customers seek to provide parents and caregivers with products that help ensure all infants get the best possible start in life.

We remain committed to improving nutrition through innovation and addressing critically important health and nutrition needs.

This is a proud moment for us, and we are extremely happy to bring this exceptional advancement to market.

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