Betapol the OPO brand

Over 30 years ago we invented
the process behind
Betapol’s unique OPO structure

Betapol the OPO brand


Betapol the OPO brand

  Betapol, the OPO brand baby

Revolutionizing the IMF market

Over 30 years ago in the Netherlands, IOI Loders Croklaan invented a process to accurately rearrange fatty acids on triglycerides without using chemicals. This process led to the development of Betapol® which mimics the unique Sn-2 fat structure found in breast milk. With it, we created the OPO category of infant milk formula and revolutionized the IMF market. Betapol® brings infant milk formula closer to nature which leads to:

  • Improved engergy intake
  • Reduced constipation
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Healthy gut bacteria
  • Reduction of crying
  • Better night sleep

Enabling your brand


Since it was launched in 1995, Betapol® has established an extensive safety record in Europe and numerous scientific studies have substantiated its benefits. That’s why it’s widely trusted as the standard for OPO fats by both consumers and scientists. It’s this trust that can enable your brand to appeal to consumers and stand out from your competitors. And because we can support our products with solid scientific data, so can you. 


IOI Loders Croklaan: impeccable service


We are eager to be a growth enabler for our customers. Plus, when it comes to Betapol®, our goal is the same as yours – providing mothers with the best possible alternative to breast milk. We have been improving our products for decades and our extensive knowledge is at your disposal. Our Betapol® team is always willing to help you to:

  • Identify the right Betapol blend for you: Betapol® offers formula producers the closest match to mother’s milk. This specialty structured lipid can be provided alone or as an ingredient in different blends, depending on your specific requirements. Our Application and Technical Support team can help you identify the right blend for you.
  • Build market successes: When you sell a product designed to improve human health, you are making big promises which all need to be clear, transparent and appropriate.  
    • Our Legal Department is ready to help you navigate and comply with local and global regulations.
    • Our team of scientists will help you identify the most powerful market-specific claims for your end product, to ensure market success.
    • Our sales and customer service teams strive to provide the best service and support in order to ensure a reliable customer-centric sales experience.

Betapol® is approved for use in many countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, China, the EU, and the US. All our products are available with Kosher or Halal certification.


Nutrition expertise and application support


With our extensive knowledge of lipid processing and applications, we are a leading OPO fat supplier and innovator. We can help you identify the right Betapol® blend and calculate the best recipes for your products. We can provide legal advice to help you with regulatory issues and product approvals. And our technical experts can help you design scientific studies to support the claims of your IMF products.

Betapol is developed by IOI Loders Croklaan